I am hoping to get support for this. I am a Canadian so the only way I can make pressure to get HSCT recognized and allowed as an optional treatment is to post a change.org petition request.

If I have any success at all with our newly elected government – then I believe it would put pressure on other countries to follow suit, either out of common sense or national pride, or even a sense of competition – hopefully just out of compassion and realization what an ugly disease this is.

Canadians believing HSCT should be a patient’s option for treatment please sign, and even if you are not Canadian, please sign because if this is successful and our country offers this procedure – other countries will follow.

Thank you for your support,   please feel free to forward link for others to sign.

HSCT (chemo followed by bone marrow transplant [aka stem cell transplant], has been around for decades for cancer).   Please support it being allowed as a recognized option for people with MS.

How HSCT for MS was first discovered was when people with cancer, who also coincidentally had MS, found that their MS went into remission after the cancer treatment.

Yes.there is risk with HSCT but there is also risk with approved MS drugs, PML is a deadly brain disease that can occur from taking MS drugs that suppress immunity.

Many people with MS are suffering because all MS drugs have side effects,  some are intolerable,  some are even deadly.   No MS drug halts MS progression.

However a large percentage of people have their MS halted when they have HSCT treatment.   People with MS should have this option, and be treated with no less care than a cancer patient.